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garmin Account Set up

After receiving your Garmin vivofit 4, participants will download the Garmin Connect app and sync their device. This is how your participation will be monitored during the Active KC program and should be completed as soon as possible.

*Instructions may differ slightly depending on the type of smart device you are using (i.e., Apple or Android).

Get Started

On your smart device, download the Garmin Connect app and log in using the email you used to sign up for the Active KC program and the password printed on the copy of the Participant Instructions you received from our staff.

As you log in, you will be prompted to pair your Garmin vivofit 4 device with the app. Follow the instructions outlined below to complete this step.

*Download the complete Participant Instructions HERE.

connect your vivofit 4

Review these demo videos for more help downloading the app and syncing your device.

Apple Devices

(iPhone and iPad)

Android Devices

(Galaxy, Surface Duo, etc.)

need more help?

2. Press the silver button on your vivofit 4 device to turn it on - the first time it is turned on it will be in pairing mode.

1. After downloading the Garmin Connect app, log in using the information provided to you.

3. If this is the first time you've used the app, follow the on-screen instructions as it walks you through the pairing process. (If you have other devices paired with your account, view the full Participant Instructions linked above).

The button will look like this

If you have any issues or concerns at any time, please CONTACT our study team by texting HELP or calling us at (xxx) xxx-xxxx. 

Garmin vivofit 4

View additional resources for setting up and customizing your new device here.

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