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Get Familiar with Your Vivofit 4

Throughout your participation in Active KC you will use the Garmin Vivofit 4 to track your activity. The device is yours to keep after your participation is complete. After your baseline week, please feel free to customize your activity tracker to your personal style and utilize any options that may be helpful. We want you to get the most out of your Vivofit 4 as you work toward your physical activity goals!

This video will help familiarize you with the capabilities and setting options that are available through your new device.

View additional resources for setting up and syncing your Garmin account here.

Set up your Account

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Active KC Garmin FAQs

Can the Vivofit 4 get wet? 


Yes! The Vivofit 4 is completely waterproof, so it can be worn while taking a shower or going swimming. 

Can I change the settings or features on my Vivofit 4? 


For the week leading up to the start of the program, please wear your Vivofit4 every day but do not change any of the settings. This is to give our team an idea of your typical physical activity. 


For this week, please leave the watch on the home screen at all times (do not press the silver button or scroll through the screens). Our team will have disabled all the features of the Garmin so you will not be impacted by wearing the watch. 


The following Sunday, you will be notified via text message that the program has officially started. At this time our team will turn all of the Garmin features back on and you are welcome to change the settings to customize your Vivofit 4. However, please do not change the ‘Auto Sync’ options (Auto Sync should always be set to Occasional or Frequent) or turn off ‘Device Upload’ (‘Device Upload’ should always be on).

I changed the settings in the Garmin Connect app, why is my Vivofit 4 still showing the old settings? 


If you are not seeing your settings change in your Vivofit 4, try to manually sync your device in the Garmin Connect app. It may take up to about 12 hours for your device to show the new settings. 


See instructions below for how to manually sync your device. 

How do I manually sync the Garmin Connect app with my Vivofit 4? 


To manually sync your device, touch the circle with the two arrows in the upper right corner of the screen when you are in the Garmin Connect app. You may be prompted to press and hold the silver button on your Vivofit 4 while the app syncs. You will know if the sync was successful if there is a green dot next to the icon of your Vivofit 4 near the top of the screen in the app. 

Will my Vivofit 4 automatically sync with the Garmin Connect app?

Yes, your Vivofit 4 will automatically sync with the Garmin Connect app several times throughout the day. However, your app will not show you your step count in real time. To view your current step count you will have to manually sync your device.

Can I change my password for my Garmin Connect account? 


Please do not change your password until after you complete the 8-week Active KC program. Our program staff need to have access to your daily step counts during the program. 

Can I take off the Vivofit 4 if it becomes uncomfortable or itchy? 


You are welcome to remove the Vivofit 4 for periods of time to give your wrist a brief rest from wearing the device. If you need to do this, we recommend only doing it for a brief period of time and doing it while you are sitting and relaxing. Don’t take a break from wearing the device when you are being active, we want you to get credit for the steps you take. 

How tight does the Vivofit 4 need to be on my wrist? 


The strap should be comfortable to wear. It should not be so loose that the Vivofit 4 slides up and down your arm but also not too tight so that it does not move at all. Adjust the strap so it is most comfortable to you.

Can I receive text message or call alerts on my Vivofit 4? 


The Vivofit 4 does not have features that allow you to receive alerts when you receive text messages or phone calls. Learn more about your Garmin by watching the video at the top of this page.

Do I need to wear the Vivofit 4 while I sleep? 


We recommend wearing the Vivofit 4 overnight. It tracks your sleep, which can be helpful information to review each week. If you ever remove the Vivofit 4 at bedtime, make sure to remember to put it back on when you get out of bed in the morning. 

What if my Garmin gets dirty? 

No big deal, you can rinse off the Garmin and even take it apart to clean inside the wrist strap. To put the watch back together, match the two dashes on the black device with the two dashes on the white wrist strap as shown in the pictures below.

Align the dashes to slip the Garmin back into place.

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